UX Case Study: Phone Zone is an app to compare phones and find the latest news/reviews

The Problem

Getting a new smartphone is an exciting experience but also could be overwhelming if you can’t decide. When it comes to searching for a smartphone to buy, there are thousands of different options out there to choose from. The research process could get quite tedious once on the Internet as one may find themselves scrolling through various brand websites, phone reviews, articles, videos etc. Sure you may have narrowed your choices to the brands you prefer, but you still need to do a little research before you are fully committed to spending your money.

From personal experience, I can confirm…

Imagine a future with less touch and more comfort.

Futuristic Smart Home (Source)


Our homes are often considered to be the most comfy and relaxing environment we could be in. Home should be the perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of the world. Especially since the pandemic has struck, people have spent more time home as they are likely embracing this intimate space as their new respective work and/or school environments. When it comes to homes in the 21st Century, the concept of comfort has joined forces with technology to create the Smart Home. This is basically an umbrella term representing the countless devices out there that utilize technology to help make…

A holistic review of Siri and other Voice UIs covering heuristics, accessibility, and inclusivity.

Source: dribble.com

Voice UI (VUI) has impacted how users communicate with AI through basic user interaction that mimics human communication. Big tech companies have taken advantage of this emerging technology and have helped popularize it to the consumer society, whether it’s Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, Microsoft’s Cortana, Samsung’s Bixby, Google Home/Assistant and the list goes on. The increased availability of VUIs especially on phones, laptops, TVs, cars etc. has allowed it become a convenient option for everyday tasks and assistance.

VUIs like Siri or Alexa have also become a hot topic in popular culture through user interactions that are often described to…

What’s the point of complicated passwords that are likely to be forgotten whenever there is no access to your iCloud Keychain?

“cydcik-9wYvvo…” My head is hurting just looking at this.

Before I start discussing (or rather ranting) about Safari’s suggested password feature, I’m aware that Safari isn’t the most popular browser for desktop as compared to Google Chrome.

I personally use Safari on my iPhone and alternate between Safari and Google Chrome on my MacBook because so many of my bookmarks and passwords are saved in Safari.

I’m not gonna go into which browser is better as that is a debate for another time, but I will say that Safari does have some pros and cons in its UX/UI. …

Mahnoor Afteb

UConn ’22

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